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JOIFF- 2016

                               JODHPUR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL(JOIFF-2016) 

         Hello all my Dear Friend's,

                                  I am Moti Singh Rathore(Monty Rathore) Founder and Organizer JOIF Jodhpur International Film Festival -(JOIFF-2015) Celebrated first time in Jodhpur,Rajasthan,India.Friend's joiff planned three day's program 2015.But not sufficient fund for three day'd programme.
                                  Friend's so JOIFF Organize 1 day programme.5 national and International film run in JOIFF - 2015
                         Venue : Suchna Kendra,Mini Auditorium,High Court Road,Jodhpur.Rajasthan,India.
First time International Film Festival Organize in Jodhpur.
                       Jodhpur and outer public and film lover giver positive response.In this festival run 3 minute to 45 minute long short films/documentaries/animation films and biographies.
       As founder and organiser I welcome international film lovers in jodhpur.
                               Today Jodhpur is very hot and very top must tourist place in india.Per years lakhs of film/serials national and International shooting's come in and take good response public and Rajasthan government.
                                In 2016 Joiff celebrate 3 day's film screening programme and with joy and happiness .Youth is very supportive and warm hearted.So I appeal all youth come and give support.
             Film festival is very must for tourism and cultural activities.I want next JOIFF - 2016  is celebrated very well planning


                                ALL FILM LOVER COME AND WELCOME IN JOIFF - 2016

                                                                                                       MOTI SINGH RATHORE
                                                                                                          (MONTY RATHORE)
                                                                                                Jodhpur International Film Festival
                                                                                                       FOUNDER & ORGANIZER
                                   Website   :
                                    Email     :
          Pay Online  Paypal :
        Mumbai Office : Nalasopara(E)Mumbai-401209
        Jodhpur Office : Pahargang 2nd,Mandor Road,Jodhpur,Rajasthan,India-342026

JOIFF 2016
     Celebrate 28 Dec to 30 Dec 2016


                            Welcome Jodhpur International Film Festival 2016

 In december 28 to 30
All film lovers come and show your screen talent.
Submit your short films/documentaries/animation films.
Duration - 3 minute to 45 minute
Shooting before march 2016.
Dead line 15 oct 2016 
If any enqury then send your email-montyrathore201977@gmail


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JOIFF JOIFF TRUST 168/55,2nd Paharganj Colony,Mandore Road, Jodhpur(Raj) India-342026 Contact : 07020654349/09665151996 Email : Website: Blogspot :


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Joiff Policy

JOIFF POLICY                              2ndJodhpur International Film Festival December 28 to 31, 2016, “JOIFF INDIA” Original Title of the Film: ________________________________________________ Subject of The film (film based on which subject/s):__________________________________________ Please choose any one from below, regarding your submission, it is: Art Film □Commercial Film □Other:___________________ Please tick, if your film/s based on any (one) subject/s from below: Political □Sports □Women □Child □Wildlife □War and Peace □Current issue □One line synopsis of the film: _________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Name and Address of the Director/ Producer/Production Company/Institute: If you are student film maker, please specify about your Institute ________________________________________________________________ __________________