Welcome to Jodhpur International Film Festival – 2018 . In JOIFF-2018 Every one Submit Your Short Film and Feature Film.

JOIFF celebrate 4th Edition in Jodhpur. This Festival run three day 12 to 10 pm. After Sun set the films Screening Very well with clearity.

Seating with eating popcorn and enjoy National and International Films with New Comers Creation.

I am Moti Singh Rathore Founder and Director of this Festival. I decide after long thinking lots of Festival Organize in Side City but Why the Film Festival not Organize Front off moving Audience with new creations with motivational and visionary films and Short Films.

Then plan a Film Festival Organize in SunCity . Friends welcome in film festival is for all Film Festival lovers.

If anyone participate and Screening your Films in this Festival then send your film by Email and Film Free Way www.filmfreeway.com/jodhpurinternationalfilmfestival or www.joiff.in.

Warm Welcome All Film Festival Lovers

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