Welcome in  Jodhpur International Child Film Festival (JOIFF). Child Film Festival Celebrate 28 to 30 May Every Year. Start On 2018 Jodhpur International Film Festival Trust Organize these Film Festival for Entertain public with support platform for New Film Makers and Producers with Actors and All Film Lovers.

In Child Film Festival Event Trust Accept and Screening only Child based Subjected Films National and International. In Child Film Festival you submit your child based content and creation like as Short Films/Films/Animation/Web-Series with Animal and Nature and Motivation Based Films.

Why Joiff Trust Divide this Child Film  Festival. Because Joiff Main Event Organize in December every year. But in December parents not allowed Child’s. Half Yearly Exams and Study is loaded on that time so child not Attend Main Film Festival. So Trust Divide this Festival in 2 parts. 1.Jodhpur International Film Festival 2. Jodhpur International Child Film Festival.

I welcome all School Principals and Teachers to attend this Festival with your Loving Child. Passes available on Our Authorise Pass Counters.

Pass Fund donate by JoiffT rust.