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JOIFF- 2016

                                 JODHPUR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL(JOIFF-2016)           Hello all my Dear Friend's,                                               I am Moti Singh Rathore(Monty Rathore) Founder and Organizer JOIF Jodhpur International Film Festival -(JOIFF-2015) Celebrated first time in Jodhpur,Rajasthan,India.Friend's joiff planned three day's program 2015.But not sufficient fund for three day'd programme.                                   Friend's so JOIFF Organize 1 day programme.5 national and International film run in JOIFF - 2015                          Venue : Suchna Kendra,Mini Auditorium,High Court Road,Jodhpur.Rajasthan,India. First time International Film Festival Organize in Jodhpur.                        Jodhpur and outer public and film lover giver positive response.In this festival run 3 minute to 45 minute long short films/documentaries/animation films and biographies.        As founder and organiser I welcom