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Welcome in Joiff (Jodhpur International Film Festival) Official website. Joiff organize Film Festival in Jodhpur,Rajasthan,India. Moti Singh Rathore (Monty Rathore)  and Founder/ Organizer and Director Joiff. Joiff started his Journey in 28 to 30 December 2015 in Mini Auditorium Jodhpur with International Films and Short Films.

Joiff invite short films and Full length film app over world and screening in Festival after Jury selection. Joiff is started his journey with little step with Bright future in long journey.

Joiff is organize this festival Charity Donation. Joiff promote film environment Rajasthan. Every film shooting shoot in jodhpur but jodhpur is very back line in film business. So joiff want grow film business and film  environment in western Rajasthan. In rajasthan has own Heritage tourism policy. Joiff want develop tourism policy with film  festival is 2nd option for tourism pack.

I am Moti Singh Rathore Founder and Organizer cum Director of Joiff. In 2016 Joiff do very well preparation but currency demonetization is create Obstetrical then Joiff’s Sponsors Back for support. Then joiff organize 2016 Festival is very little space and Facility with crowed.

Joiff celebrate 2017 with better and bright with your humble support with togetherness and Stand with me and Joiff is your deep welcome.

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